Turriaga Category: Walking
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hide Track is complete but has not been cleaned of spikes, please wait a few minutes and refresh
3:39:06 AM Sat, 23 Mar 19 PDT
52.97mi / 3d 10h 9m 48s
5:29:18 PM Tue, 19 Mar 19 PDT


37.21mph / 24.2s
37.21mph / 48.3s
36.31mph / 1m 39s
32.47mph / 5m 32s
28.31mph / 10m 35s
10.65mph / 56m 19s
5.01mph / 2h 37m 6s
6.04mph / 3h 18m 36s
1.05mph / 1d 0h 56m 16s
1.10mph / 1d 3h 12m 11s
0.95mph / 2d 4h 28m 9s
1min 37.21mph / 998.0m
5min 33.76mph / 2.81mi
10min 29.45mph / 4.91mi
12min 27.97mph / 5.59mi
20min 24.64mph / 8.21mi
30min 17.23mph / 8.61mi
1hr 10.58mph / 10.58mi
2hr 5.97mph / 11.93mi


1mi 1.57mph / 38m 18s
2mi 0.21mph / 4h 45m 17s
3mi 7.79mph / 7m 42s
4mi 0.09mph / 11h 45m 42s
5mi 0.18mph / 5h 27m 1s
6mi 0.09mph / 10h 38m 29s
7mi 1.70mph / 35m 19s
8mi 3.44mph / 17m 26s
9mi 0.18mph / 5h 27m 1s
10mi 3.09mph / 19m 25s
11mi 3.07mph / 19m 32s
12mi 0.32mph / 3h 4m 56s
13mi 0.09mph / 10h 38m 29s
14mi 0.00mph /
15mi 0.07mph / 14h 53m 53s
16mi 2.43mph / 24m 38s
17mi 2.36mph / 25m 23s
18mi 28.28mph / 2m 7s
19mi 33.49mph / 1m 47s
20mi 28.90mph / 2m 4s
21mi 28.78mph / 2m 5s
22mi 20.18mph / 2m 58s
23mi 27.10mph / 2m 12s
24mi 17.35mph / 3m 27s
25mi 16.24mph / 3m 41s
26mi 0.37mph / 2h 43m 30s
27mi 17.78mph / 3m 22s
28mi 23.19mph / 2m 35s
29mi 36.67mph / 1m 38s
30mi 32.66mph / 1m 50s
31mi 13.97mph / 4m 17s
32mi 12.84mph / 4m 40s
33mi 0.02mph / 2d 7h 52m 5s
34mi 22.89mph / 2m 37s
35mi 23.45mph / 2m 33s
36mi 13.80mph / 4m 20s
37mi 18.60mph / 3m 13s
38mi 18.67mph / 3m 12s
39mi 21.22mph / 2m 49s
40mi 14.98mph / 4m 0s
41mi 12.78mph / 4m 41s
42mi 0.99mph / 1h 0m 32s
43mi 16.39mph / 3m 39s
44mi 23.98mph / 2m 30s
45mi 0.80mph / 1h 15m 7s
46mi 21.00mph / 2m 51s
47mi 34.50mph / 1m 44s
48mi 33.85mph / 1m 46s
49mi 18.43mph / 3m 15s
50mi 26.88mph / 2m 13s





Ave Speed 0.64mph
Ave Pace 1h 33m 7s
Moving Time 6h 11m 30s
Ave Moving Speed 8.31mph
Ave Moving Pace 7m 13s
Max Speed 37.26mph


Total 15701 Cal


Min / Max 705ft / 1,759ft
Ascent +3,478ft
Descent -3,661ft
Max Ascent 500m +105ft
Max Descent 500m -112ft