Mobile app

show How do I configure the app settings?
show Can I use voice feedback?
show What is the Responsiveness setting?
show How are calories calculated?
show How are my heart rate zones calculated?
show What does pause do?
show How do I record indoor training?
show How can I update Facebook/Twitter?
show What if I cannot get a satellite signal?

Payment / Transfer

show Is the app purchase a one off payment?
show I changed phones or reset my phone and lost the app
show SportsTracker Pro won't install


show What is Sportstracklive?
show Why use Sportstracklive?
show Can I use my regular GPS unit?
show How can I protect my device for water activities?
show How should I carry my phone?

Heart rate monitor

show Zephyr HxM
show Zephyr BioHarness
show Polar wearlink bluetooth
show First connection to the HRM
show Using HRM for a workout
show ANT+ Heart rate sensors
show Connection is unreliable


show Uploading from mobile
show How can I add information to a track?
show Editing units, category, location, event and tags
show Privacy
show Cleaning spikes
show Downloading
show Deleting
show Duplicates
show Trimming
show Track stuck as live


show Heart rate increases and recoveries
show Average speed and pace
show Performance metrics and personal bests
show Max Speeds
show Splits
show Max ascents and descents

Trouble shooting

show Avoid buildings
show Don't keep in pocket
show Avoid car roofs
show Do use an armband
show My track speeds are too high
show My personal bests are wrong
show My calories used is too low
show I cannot get a good satellite signal
show Where does the service work?
show What happens if my mobile loses reception?
show What if the satellite signal is too weak?

App problems / errors

show Don't use task killer apps
show Bugs
show GPS won't lock
show Cannot login
show Accuracy
show Battery life
show Resuming tracks

My Account

show Delete my account
show I changed phones or reset my phone and lost the app


show GPS
show HDOP
show Bearing
show Cadence
show Spikes

Other ways to record a workout

show Manually creating a workout
show Using a Garmin GPS unit
show Using a Polar GPS unit
show Using a Locosys GPS unit
show Using a Timex GPS unit
show Using other units
show GPS software

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