Android Wear

Only for Android 4.3+ devices

For users with Android 4.3 and above - the app is now compatible with smart watches running Android Wear. The android wear standard is an exciting development for smart watches and particularly suited to fitness apps putting the data at a glance on your wrist.

You can start a workout from the app or the watch. On the watch either navigate to the app or launch it with the voice commands "ok google" and then "start running", "start biking", "start cycling" or "start a workout".

Start workout using voice commands "start running", "start biking", "start cycling", "start a workout"

Quick view of time, distance and calories

View speed at a glance

View current pace

View heart rate either from sensors in the watch or your bluetooth / ANT+ HRM

View your heart rate percentage of maximum

To stop a workout press "stop" on the notification or while on the watch home screen you may say "ok google" and then "stop running", "stop cycling" or "stop workout".

Note that workouts can only be recorded while the phone is with in bluetooth range of the watch.

Samsung Gear Live
Motorola Moto360
LG G Watch no no
LG G Watch R no
Sony Smartwatch 3 *

* we don't yet support workouts using watch GPS only, phone is required to record a workout.