Record Tracks all show
Live Tracking no all show
Race yourself no all show
In app calendar no all show
Upload Tracks no all show
Spike Filter all show
Voice Feedback 1.6+ show
Track Replay all show
Calories all show
Personal Bests no all show
Performance no all show
Auto Email Friends no all show
Splits no all show
Realtime Charts all show
Auto Facebook no all show
Auto Twitter no all show
Pause Function all show
Heart Rate A,B,C,D,G 2.0+ show
Running Cadence A,D,I 2.0+ show
Bike speed/cadence F,H 2.0+ show
Breathing Rate B 2.0+ show
Skin Temperature B 2.0+ show
Indoor training A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I 2.0+ show
Google Earth KMZ, CSV, GPX downloads all show
Training plans all show

A. Zephyr HxM required
B. Zephyr BioHarness required
C. Polar WearLink®+ transmitter with Bluetooth® required
D. ANT+™ HRM required
E. ANT+™ Footpod required
F. ANT+™ Bike speed/cadence sensor required
G. Bluetooth SMART HRM required (Android 4.3+ on Samsung only)
H. Bluetooth SMART Bike speed & cadence sensor required (Android 4.3+ on Samsung only)
I. Bluetooth SMART Footpod speed & cadence sensor required (Android 4.3+ on Samsung only)

Share, compare, train and compete in your sport with fellow enthusiasts and friends anywhere worldwide - live. Review your activity with detailed analysis of performance, speed, pace, altitude, ascents and descents.

Share your performance and personal bests automatically with friends via email alerts, facebook, twitter and widgets.

SportsTracker Pro (GBP2.99 or EUR3.49 or USD4.99) lets you upload live and recorded tracks to the website, view realtime performance and personal best info.

Suitable for all outdoor sports: running, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, sailing, gliding, kayaking, windsurfing. Review and replay your tracks at any time on the website.

SportsTracker Pro also unlocks the free app so you can upload any tracks you have recorded in the free version. The Android apps are available on the Google Play Store.

Only if you cannot find SportsTracker Pro on the Google Play Store because you live in a country where Google do not yet support payments you may Pay by PayPal. Your login details will then unlock the free app.

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* Requires SVOX TTS (see app for details)